We are {soft} Launched!

Well today our website has soft launched! That basically means it can be seen by all you lovely people, but there is still lots of content that isn’t here yet!

There are a number of reasons we have launched now, rather than waiting till later. Largely, the whole idea of this site is that it will grow with you over time. As more and more people come on board, we will have more content for you and your business. Be sure to signup to our newsletter on the homepage to keep up to date!

Another reason is that some of our partners and affiliates need to be able to see what it’s all about before linking up with us, which kinda sped up our deadline!

Want to get involved?

This is a community led project so please feel free to get involved. Either make suggestions on articles, topics, resources or courses you would like to see – or if you are somewhat of an ‘expert’ in a relevant field, maybe you would like to write an article, or offer a course to our readers!
If you currently offer education, but are looking for a platform on which to market and sell it then we may be able to help. We will shortly be adding the functionality to be able to offer online courses within the website too!

We will keep you up to date as the website develops, but don’t forget to head over to our Facebook page for regular updates too!